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exploreHD Challenger (11000m) Underwater ROV/AUV USB General Vision Camera

exploreHD Challenger (11000m) Underwater ROV/AUV USB General Vision Camera


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Model/Part Number: DWE-EHDCUSB

Introducing the exploreHD Challenger, a cutting-edge subsea camera engineered to reach the full ocean depth of 11,000 meters. Building on the innovative design of the highly acclaimed exploreHD Pro, the exploreHD Challenger takes its predecessor's capabilities to new heights with unmatched depth resistance. Each camera is rigorously cycle-tested at extreme depths before shipment, ensuring resilience against the intense pressures found at 11 kilometers. A certificate of testing is included with each order to guarantee performance.

The exploreHD Challenger features a specially-formed sapphire dome. This element is cut from a highly refined sapphire boule with exceptional structural homogeneity – ensuring that this port is exceptionally strong.

Precision-crafted from titanium and coated with Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC), the exploreHD Challenger marries durability with compact design and superior image quality, making it perfect for diverse subsea robotic and machine vision applications.

Despite its small form factor and impressive depth capabilities, the camera maintains exceptional image quality and functionality. It utilizes the advanced backside illuminated sensor found in the exploreHD Heavy, which performs superbly in low light conditions and reduces noise, delivering sharp, high-resolution images.

Tailored for complex computer vision tasks, the exploreHD Challenger revolutionizes the functionality of both operator-controlled and autonomous underwater robots. It integrates seamlessly with our state-of-the-art DWE OS software, pushing the boundaries of underwater exploration. Enhancing the already popular exploreHD Controls, the software now boasts new features such as bitrate control, adjustable brightness, contrast, exposure settings, backlight compensation, and TrueColor technology, among others!

Fit For
Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs)
Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs)
Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASVs)
...and more!

Technical Data

Model/Part Number: DWE-EHDCUSB

Depth Rating 11000m (1.2x Safety Margin)
Ingress Protection Rating IP69K+ equivalent

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NDAA Compliant

Lens Specifications 

Lens Specifications Here

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Note: Alternative Lenses Available Upon Request


  • 1x exploreHD Challenger USB Camera
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