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stellarHD (900m) 60FPS Global Shutter Subsea ROV/AUV USB Machine Vision Camera [Coming Soon]

stellarHD (900m) 60FPS Global Shutter Subsea ROV/AUV USB Machine Vision Camera [Coming Soon]


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Introducing the world's first patent-pending UVC camera that boasts a 2MP HD Global Shutter sensor all through a USB output while featuring external Frame-Sync capability with microsecond accuracy. All of these features in a familiar easy-to-use package with an impressive 900 meter water-depth rating.

Equipped with a modern Global Shutter sensor and a proprietary PCB, you will be able to capture synchronized video like never before. Using our frame-syncing technology, chain a multitude of cameras to capture simultaneously-synchronized video up to 60 FPS.

Choose between color or monochrome sensor. If color is not a necessity, monochrome sensor is recommended as it will offer better sharpness and low light performance with less bandwidth.

This camera offers versatile frame-syncing configurations for any project scale. Choose between a 1-leader/multiple-follower setup to have one camera control the synchronization of others, perfect for multi-angle captures. Alternatively, connect all cameras to an external clock signal for large-scale, complex operations. This flexibility ensures precise, simultaneous video capturing, making the stellarHD ideal for advanced multi-camera underwater setups.

Furthermore, due to its UVC compliant nature, the stellarHD is the first plug and play machine vision capable subsea camera. This makes the stellarHD the perfect choice for anyone looking to make a truly modern multi-cam underwater setup.

Technical Data

NDAA Compliant


Water-Depth Rating
600 meters with Cobalt (1.1X Safety Factor)
900 meters with WetLink (1.1X Safety Factor)
1500 meters with SubConn (1.5X Safety Factor)

Physical Specifications
Cable Diameter: 4.5mm OD
Mass in Air: 120 grams / 150 grams with SubConn
Mass in Water: 50 grams / 70 grams with SubConn
Main Case: Naval-grade aluminum, corrosion resistant
Dark grey abrasion-resistant hard anodized coating
Front Port: Scratch-resistant sapphire with internal AR coating

Camera Specifications
Image Sensor: 1/2.9" Omnivision OmniPixel 3-GS™
                       CMOS 10-bit Global Shutter
                   (Adjustable down to 640x480)

60, 40, 30, 25, 15 FPS
Format: MJPEG, YUY2
Pixel Size: 3 um x 3um
Image area: 4857.696 um x 3955.896 um
Chroma: Color or Monochrome
Output Color Depth: 8 bit per channel
(24 bit for Color and 16 bit for Monochrome)
Glass to Glass Latency: 30ms ± 10 
Interface: USB 2.0 High Speed
Power Rating: 5V / 250mA
Communication:  USB Video Class (UVC Compliant) 

Frame Sync Function
Offers 2 Camera Firmware (Leader or Follower) 

Frequency: 15, 25, 30, 40, 60Hz (depending on framerate)

Recommended Duty Cycle: 30%
Logic Level: 3.3V
Rising Edge: 50ns or less

Connector Pinout
1: Black : Ground
2: Red : +5V
3: White : DATA -
4: Green : DATA +
5: Blue : NC
6: Brown : NC

1: Black : Ground
2: White : NC
3: Red : +5V
4: Green : NC
5: Orange : NC
6: Blue : NC
7: White/black : DATA -
8: Red/black : DATA +

Must be USB or Ethernet Grade Cables for the Data Pairs

Fit For
Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs)
Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs)
Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASVs)
Aquaculture Systems
Aquarium Camera Array
Weather-resistant Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
Aerial Drones
...and more!

Lens Specifications

Standard Lens Option
Type: Fisheye
Lens Aperture: f/2.0
Minimum Focus Distance: 20-30 cm

Aquagon Lens™ Option
(Distortion, CA-free Proprietary Optics)
Focal Length: 3mm
Lens Aperture: f/1.6 (fixed aperture)
Lens Construction: 7 elements; 2 aspherical elements, 2 ED elements

View Angle: 100 Degrees Diagonal (in water)
Minimum Focus Distance: 25cm
Distortion: <-1.5%

Calculated FOV
Diagonal: 93 Degrees
Horizontal: 78 Degrees
Vertical: 67 Degrees

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Note: Alternative Lenses Available Upon Request


USB Contacts (Soldering Required)

  • 1x stellarHD USB Camera
  • 1x Metal Bracket
  • 1x Solderable USB Connector (Type A)
  • 2x M2x0.4 Screws for Mount

JST Crimps (No Soldering Required)

  • 1x stellarHD USB Camera
  • 1x Metal Bracket
  • 1x PAP-04V-S JST Housing
  • 2x M2x0.4 Screws for Mount
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Learn about the unique feature of this product below.


Omnivision's OmniPixel 3-GS™ technology equips each frame produced by the stellarHD with a true global shutter capability. This feature ensures high-precision image capture, which is essential for the demanding requirements of computer vision applications.


This camera offers microsecond precision frame syncing with two options:

1. Leader-Follower Mode

Designate one camera as the Leader and others as Followers using our Firmware loader app. The leader's start signal synchronizes all follower cameras, with no limit on the number of followers.

2. Follower Mode

Set all cameras as followers. They synchronize using an external signal from a microcontroller, allowing unlimited follower cameras to match frames precisely.


In external trigger mode, you can precisely capture camera frames based on input from other sensors or a timer, leading to power and data storage savings.


The stellarHD camera features high frame rate capabilities, supporting up to 60 FPS, with additional options of 40, 30, 25, and 15 FPS. This range of frame rates enables high-speed image capture, suitable for various applications.


You have the option to select either a color sensor or a monochrome sensor with the stellarHD. The monochrome sensor, which is hardware-based, omits the Bayer filter, resulting in increased sharpness and enhanced performance in low-light conditions.


The stellarHD's housing is crafted from a new aluminum alloy, offering superior corrosion resistance and a depth rating of 900 meters for unmatched durability and precision in underwater environments.


Our advanced image processing ensures that the camera obtains extremely low latency and high precision for advanced computer vision applications. It also incorporate our newest generation of Artificial Intelligence computational imaging, providing sharp images with outstanding dynamic range and low artifacts such as aliasing and moire.


Our front glass element is made from sapphire which has been coated with an anti-reflective coating. This glass element will resist scratches to most materials and can survive a pressure of over 6000 PSI.


The optics on this camera are specifically designed to reduce distortion, vignetting, and chromatic aberration while maintaining superior sharpness even around the edges.


With 4 M2 screws and flat edges, the mounting potential of the stellarHD is limitless.