What is MultiStream™?

While our exploreHD cameras can function similarly to conventional USB cameras, they harbor a distinctive feature that sets them apart from standard counterparts: the ability to support MultiStream™ technology.

While most USB cameras typically peak at three simultaneous streams per computer, MultiStream™ breaks through this limitation, enabling the concurrent streaming of more than three cameras.

Additionally, these cameras can be individually streamed via UDP, resembling a separate IP camera when utilizing DWE OS. This unique capability positions the exploreHD camera as a more potent option than typical subsea IP cameras, excelling in power consumption, compact size, latency, feature set, and more.

How to Use MultiStream™?

OPTION 1: Manual Setup

By leveraging our cutting-edge exploreHD camera lines featuring built-in H.264 technology, alongside our innovative 7-Port Multiplexer and a compact single-board computer, such as the Raspberry Pi, we unlock the full potential of MultiStream™ Technology!

Perfect if your ROV/AUV already utilizes a single board computer for operation, such as BlueROV.

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OPTION 2: Plug and Play

For a streamlined approach, consider our Subsea Vision Computer. This advanced solution eliminates the necessity for both the 7-Port Multiplexer and the single-board computer, consolidating all essential components into a single Ethernet cable with Power over Ethernet (POE).

Water Depth Ready up to 6000M and support multiple different Subsea Connectors.

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Recommended Software for MultiStream™

On the software front, the synergy of running DWE OS on the single-board computer and Discovery on the receiving end enables us to harness the formidable capabilities of MultiStream™ Technology, delivering a seamless and powerful solution.


Turn any exploreHD Cameras into an IP camera with our easy to use plug and play software. Adjust settings such as bitrate, compression format, streaming option, and more!

Can support an infinite amount of UDP camera streams simultaneously with automatic port selection.

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With one-click, you can view a UDP stream with extremely low-latency. And with one more click, you can instantly start recording up to 4K/30FPS (H.264).

There is no limit to the number of simultaneous video streams you are allowed to do. And you can connect to as many ROVs as you want. 

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Streaming Resolution and Latency

Device Tested: Raspberry Pi 4 (2Gb Ram)
Number of Cameras: 7
Resolution: 1080P (Max 5 streams) Lowering Resolutions can do all 7 streams
Latency: 40ms or less