The World's First Subsea Computer Vision Camera

The World's First Subsea Computer Vision Camera

Introducing the world's first patent-pending subsea UVC (USB video class) camera; boasting almost 2 Million Pixels with an HD Global Shutter sensor, pushing an immense amount of 60FPS data, all through a simple USB interface that works with any computer.

Along with the camera, we are introducing the first-of-its kind technology, PrecisionSync™; used for synchronizing video frames between multiple devices. Achieve microsecond level accuracy between a multitude of daisy-chained devices.

Another innovation, that has been over a year in the making, is our custom brand new 7-element optics, Aquagon™. Our custom blend of optics, which took thousands of hours to simulate, test, and refine, effectively minimizes distortion, chromatic aberration, increases sharpness and field-of-view (FOV). The result is an image that makes the effects of water and refraction virtually invisible.

This high-accuracy technology is absolutely essential for enabling so many high-accuracy underwater technologies:

  • Stereo Vision
  • 360° Video (VR/AR/XR applications)
  • Underwater Motion Capture/Pose Estimation
  • 3D Reconstruction
  • Real-Time Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM)
  • Autonomous Navigation
  • Machine Learning (ML/AI) models

All of this, in a plug-and-play package that fits in the palm of your hands. Requires absolutely no external drivers, no special code, and no special hardware.

Option it with an impressive 1,000 meters or 6,000 meters underwater-depth rating.

This camera is built from the ground up with our customers in mind. Equipped with a modern Global Shutter sensor for incredible image clarity, colors, and sharpness. See visibly less noise than any other camera with our proprietary circuit design.

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