Our platform is versatile and compatible with all types of vehicles, including ROV, AUV, ASV, and UAV.


Aquaculture is a rapidly growing industry, with global production of farmed fish reaching over 150 million metric tons in 2015. With our machine vision platform automatically monitoring fish health, fish farms can increase their efficiency and sustainability, ensuring that they can meet the growing demand for high-quality seafood while minimizing their environmental impact.


Natural disasters cost the U.S. over $165 billion a year. By enhancing weather monitoring with advanced technology with our machine vision platform, we can improve our ability to predict and prepare for these events, potentially mitigating impact and saving lives.


DWE's compact vision systems are crucial for enhancing maritime defense, reducing uncertainties, and boosting situational awareness. By providing real-time, accurate data, these advanced systems empower defense forces to identify and respond to threats with precision, significantly strengthening surveillance and strategic decision-making capabilities.


The U.S. Coast guard is involved in over 20,000 search and rescue missions per year. Our machine vision platform empowers ROVs, AUVs, and ships in search and rescue missions by providing real-time imaging and detection capabilities, boosting efficiency and accuracy in challenging underwater environments.


We are experiencing widespread environmental and social impacts from climate change. By collecting and analyzing data in real-time, our platform helps researchers to better understand the impact of climate change on marine ecosystems and to develop more effective strategies for conservation and sustainability.


A large portion of aerial data collection occur in environments that can be extremely challenging to operate in. With our platform, that can withstand rough conditions, industries can enhance their ability to operate, potentially unlocking new opportunities for exploration and discovery.


Our platform is empowering the development of advanced systems never seen before, opening the doors to endless possibilities and new use cases.