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ultraLUX Far Red Underwater (1000m) ROV/AUV Light

ultraLUX Far Red Underwater (1000m) ROV/AUV Light


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Introducing the ultraLUX, our latest innovation in underwater LED lighting!

The ultraLUX Far Red illuminates ocean depths with minimal disturbance to surrounding organinsms, making it ideal for ecological surveys and other underwater vehicle applications. Built to endure the pressures of deep-sea environments, it boasts a remarkable depth rating of 1000 meters, ensuring consistent performance under extreme conditions. The ultraLUX FR features a triple 720nm LED core with customizable optics, and a broad operating voltage range of 12 to 48 volts, allowing for effortless integration with various underwater vehicles. It includes a built-in PWM dimmer circuit, enabling straightforward dimming capabilities via PWM across a wide logic voltage range. Constructed with a high-quality sapphire element and a specialized lens, the ultraLUX offers a robust design with focused light distribution. Equip your vehicle with the ultraLUX to explore new frontiers in underwater exploration.

Technical Data

Check out our ultraLUX Documentation Page for more details!

Water-Depth Rating
600 meters with Cobalt (1.1X Safety Factor)
1000 meters with WetLink (1.5X Safety Factor)
1500 meters with SubConn (1.5X Safety Factor)

LED Specifications
Maximum power: 12.6W
Operating Voltage: 12 - 48V
PWM Logic Voltage: 3 - 48V
Full Brightness Voltage: 15 - 48V
Max Current: 1.05A

Colors: Deep Red and Photo Red (infrared)
Operating temperature: 85°C
Viewing angle in air: 125°


  • 1x ultraLUX
  • 1x Metal Bracket
  • 2x M2x0.4 Screws for Mount
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The LED chip sits directly on a copper base for maximum heat transfer capabilities, increasing efficiency and longevity.


Our customized optical lens for our lights provide a nice diffused light with a good beam angle for subsea applications.